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Need To Sell Your Car For Cash? is a company based in Belfast that specialises in assisting those who are searching for a hassle free, easy, fast and reliable way to sell their cars. We provide a no obligation free quotation service as well so if you haven’t completely made up your mind on whether or not you want to sell your vehicle, or are just curious to find out what its current market value is, just fill out our contact form with your information or call us at (028) 9104 2090 and we will get in touch with you and make an offer on your vehicle.

Once you are satisfied and wish to proceed we will make arrangements to come out to your location at a convenient time, whether it is your workplace or home to look at your vehicle. After the bid has been confirmed and the paper has been finalised we will give you your payment and remove your car free of any charges.


Cash For Scrap Cars

We offer cash for older cars, 4×4’s, vans and most other kinds of motorised transportation. We also buy vehicles with collision damage from an accident even when an assessment has been made that they are non-economical to repair. We also accept mechanical damage due to a faulty suspension or over heated engine, as an example, in addition to cosmetic or heavy exterior damage.


Why use a cash 4 cars service?

1. Perhaps you have a car you want to get out of or owe money on. We can put cash into your pocket and take the burden off of your shoulders.

2. Maybe you are faced with a major repair bill and financially it simply doesn’t make sense to pour more money into the vehicle.

3. The running costs on the vehicle are much higher than you initially thought so you need to switch over to something that will suit your needs better and that is more economical.


We Buy Any Car

If you are in a rush to sell or are simply searching for a convenient and hassle free way of getting rid of your vehicle then we can definitely help you. The following are some of the major benefits you can receive when you allow us to handle all the details for you:

1. Vehicle recovery. Yes, that is correct. If your car is not in a safe enough condition to drive or is damaged, we will be the ones covering the cost of recovery, instead of you.

2. Fast payment! Our payment is made to you upon collection at either your workplace or home.

3. A Vat Invoice with each purchase. Each transaction that we conduct is 100% legal and above board. A VAT invoice protects each party’s rights and ensures that all relevant laws are complied with.

4. Speed. It doesn’t take days, weeks or even hours. Usually the entire process only takes thirty minutes or less and can even be handled over the phone.

5. Time! You don’t have to waste any of your valuable time placing advertisements or dealing with random phone calls from tyre kickers and strangers.